AI is here to stay. It's time to use it.

Change the way you manage your photos

For those who want more from their photos — meet Strapho. The all-new AI-first photo gallery app with everything you need to keep your best memories alive.

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One place for all of your images

Leverage AI with a better, faster image workspace — with efficient organization systems, cloud backups, and multiple ways to find any photo.

Waste less time organizing

Lose nothing — Get your images automatically categorized and organized for you with an associative-first approach and AI tools at your fingertips.

Sync with multiple devices

Visualize all of your content with synchronized and backed up photos in all of your devices.


Strapho doesn't compromise your data. We don't track users, sell data, or have ads — with a 24/7 security monitoring keeping your cloud files safe.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Strapho helps you figure out what those words are. Strapho has every smart image tool you need to find, edit, and organize entire albums, all while staying engaged and productive with breathtaking efficiency.Strapho has every smart image tool you need to find, edit, and organize entire albums, all while staying engaged and productive with breathtaking efficiency.


Organize large amounts of pictures in seconds

Bring huge unsorted image libraries from your albums and automate your organization process. Choose a sorting system or let Strapho AI do it for you.


Lead with search.

Strapho AI lets you find any image in your gallery with pin-point accuracy by simply describing it. Search by similarity, colors, objects, dates, brands, points of interest, and more.

photos of when I was hiking last month
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Get inspiration — Generate AI images from any prompt

Edit with ease — Strapho is the photo powerhouse

Sharper, Bigger, Better.

Increase the quality of your photos with AI upscaling

Turn ordinary images into extraordinary with a single tap — because every pixel matters.


Replace your file explorer with a powerful, more productive tool

Automate your photos consistency across multiple formats — find inspiration with smart grouping.

Bulk actions for power users

Get full control with shortcuts and multi-file actions with consistent patterns.

Designed with you in mind

Strapho is packed with everything you need to bring your images and memories to life, anytime, anywhere.


Find duplicate photos or similarities you didn't know existed.

Full creative control

Edit your photos on the spot — with your vision.

— crop, add filters, presets, masks and more.

Lossless Image Compression

Save storage space without compromising quality.

Lossless Image Compression
Blurry image detection

Don't waste time reviewing burst photos. Easily find blurry images, compare, and keep the best.

Integrated text-recognition

Find and copy any text content seen in your photos.

Quick share through built-in QR codes.

Capture every idea

Add notes to your images, at the speed of thought.

Write as you think. Save ideas for later.

Strapho's immersive interface lets you to create contextual notes for each image in your gallery. Remind yourself of future edits you want to make or what that favorite photo means to you.

Automatic image captioning

Strapho feels like an awesome AI version of Google Photos with even more features, it's incredibly intuitive.

- Dara Fenney, Marketing Director — Beta tester
Redefine normal

Unleash a new way to interact with your photos. More productive than ever.

AI summary

Discover what most of your images are about. Share a summary of your photos with friends and family.


Get a daily compilation of your best moments created by AI.

Invite your team to the photoshoot party.

Create and share entire albums with your team. Communicate ideas visually through an immersive sharing experience, with no need for a Strapho account in order to view shared photos.

GPS & Geolocation

Strapho builds and displays a memorable list of places where your images have been taken on. Remember every place you have been in with Strapho Moments.

File history and recovery

Strapho saves deleted images for up to 7 days so they can be recovered. Track workspace actions with history, and rollback to previous versions anytime.

Thinking about migrating to Strapho? Import from anywhere.

Turn your photo galleries from every major platform into an entire searchable presentation in just a few taps.

Little things you care about

Built with people in mind.

Collaborate on entire workspaces of photos with teams, family, and friends on Strapho.

Where inspiration strikes

Edit, Grade, & Export.

Fix granular details with built-in color balancing and editing tools on any photo. Get the finishes you want without breaking a sweat.

Get 10 GB of cloud image storage for free

Get secure cloud image storage and unlimited private photo backups on sign-up.

Integrate Strapho with your favorite platforms

Future support for other platforms (e.g. Notion, Obsidian, and more) is planned so your workflow is even more streamlined.


Your second brain for images.

Simple and intuitive image management platform built for productivity. Centralize your work and tools you rely on with AI, in one place, with Strapho.

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